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place to focus
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Sometimes getting things done is a simple choice. A choice for you to create that place where you can sit no matter what the external circumstances are. A place to focus. Nobody else will create that place for you. You are the master of your time and place so you create it yourself. This morning that place for me was a quiet park bench.

Close call

Today I created my own place to focus. This morning I barely managed to avoid a 10 mile traffic jam which would have taken me at least an extra hour to get to work. In a split second I made the decision to turn around my car and drive to the local park instead. After a short stroll in the park I opened my laptop and started working on a quiet park bench. In fact: that is where I am sitting right now.

It gets me in a good mood

The sun is shining and it is warm. But I am sitting in the shade of a tree and feel a cool breeze. Around me I can hear the birds singing and sheep grazing. A few people walking their dog smile and greet me. In the distance I hear school classes having a good time. I even hear someone playing bagpipes? Never knew all this happened in our park! It gets me in a good mood. In the meantime I am writing and answering e-mails. Is it possible that my good mood is showing in the messages I send out?

Trying to make up for it the entire day

What if I would have decided to just accept the traffic jam and get stuck in the misery? I would not have been able to get anything done. Even worse: I would have felt miserable and irritated. I would have arrived late at work with a feeling of losing valuable time. Trying to make up for it the entire day.


A lot of things in life we do on autopilot. We get in the car to get to work because we have always done that. Because that is what you are supposed to do. When there is a traffic jam we just get in the line of cars. Like everyone else. Just realize there are always other options. Better options.

Step into a whole new comfort zone

Sorry for the cliches but sometimes it also means thinking outside of the box. Stepping from outside your comfort zone into a whole new comfort zone. Have a good and productive day!

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