My personal productivity setup

productivity setup
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There are a lot of apps and tools out there that do nothing but distract you. Thankfully there are also many that actually help you focus and be productive. If you use them right. In this blog I will show you part of my personal productivity setup.


Nothing better than that feeling of having loads of stuff stored in the cloud. Virtually always at your disposal. There are many similar cloud tools out there but I prefer Dropbox. Nothing spectacular here but the Professional version gives me 1 Terabyte of storage and loads of tools and it has never let me down. For example: I keep all my many thousands of photo’s there.


About 1,5 years ago I discovered OmniFocus. At the time I was looking for a tool that helps me get things done. Some kind of advanced to-do-list. After some research I downloaded Omnifocus (version 2) for my Mac, iPad and iPhone. All my important ‘to do things’ now end up in OmniFocus. At the beginning of each week I check my ‘things to do’ and divide the items over the days of the week. Since I also get my OmniFocus notifications on my Apple Watch: I am always alerted of important things and appointments. There is nothing better than that feeling of crossing out items you have completed off your list. Just noticed that OmniFocus version 3 is out. I am curious about that!


I have been a Gmail fan for years and always had my regular e-mail accounts hooked up to it. But at some point I really started missing a good, nice looking local mail client on my Mac. A mail client that retrieves all the mail real time, has support for more than five accounts and has more options for formatting text etc. Airmail was my first choice. I use it on my Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch and have about seven regular mail adresses hooked up to it. It looks really nice, has loads of options and is a treat to use!


This is a very simple, nice looking app for my iPhone. Streaks helps me not to forget the daily things that are important to me. For example: I want to meditate once every day. Each time I finish my meditation I click on it in the app and it keeps track of the statistics. For instance how many times I have done it in a row etc. I also gave the app (partial) access to the activity app on my phone and it automatically keeps track of how many times in a row I have completed my goal of walking 10.000 steps per day.

Evernote Pro

Good thing that elephants have such a great memory. Evernote Premium has been my virtual memory machine now for 3,5 years. I not only use it for writing and storing notes but also for scanning and storing documents. It is a powerful feeling to have all that stuff tagged and organised in different ‘virtual books’. I can honestly say that I use this each and every day.

Feedly Pro

Feedly is a very versatile newsreader you can setup yourself with all your personal news sources. I scroll though my personal newsfeed several times a day and it keeps me up to date of all the stuff I want – or need – to know. It has a great, clean design and the Pro version has many advanced options.

These are some of the apps that really help me keeping my focus and ‘get things done’. My personal productivity setup. I am curious: tell me about yours!

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