Sorted 3 to-do list – my first impressions

Sorted 3
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I have been using to-do list apps for years now. Today I switched from OnmiFocus to Sorted 3 and in this blog I describe my first impressions.

My switch from Omnifocus to Sorted 3


Time is precious and I love being organized so I can be productive at work and at home. That is why I bought the OmniFocus (version 2) app and Mac desktop application a few years ago. OmniFocus is a versatile ‘to-do list’ based on David Allen’s famous ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology. I have used it almost daily for more than 2.5 years now. But lately I noticed that I used it less and less.

One reason was that OmniFocus (version 2) started getting a bit outdated. The iPhone and iPad apps looked quite old fashioned, especially on iOS 13. The other reason I stopped using OmniFocus was that I noticed that I was using maybe 30 to 50% of the app’s possibilities. I mainly used the ‘to-do list’ part of the app with the scheduled tasks and automatic reminders. I guess ‘Getting Things Done’ is not really my thing.

OmniFocus released a new version (version 3) a while ago that is a lot better looking (I guess). But upgrading all my devices (iPad, iPhone and Mac) to the new version was going to get quite expensive. That is why actively I started looking for alternatives. Apps that were less ‘bloated’ and with a better working and prettier user interface.

Things 3

One of the alternatives I looked at was Things 3. But buying the app and desktop versions of Things 3 also seemed way too expensive for a simple to-do list. I don’t like the fact that I have to buy a separate iPhone and iPad version either.

Sorted 3

This morning I accidentally stumbled upon Sorted 3. A very pretty to-do list for iPhone and iPad that you can try for free for a period of two weeks. The desktop version is still ‘under construction’. Unlocking the app forever (simultaneously for iPhone and iPad) after the trial period costs € 16,99.

I decided to give it a try so I downloaded the app for my iPhone and iPad and I immediately started transferring all of my OmniFocus stuff to it. In this blog I give my first impression of Sorted 3 after using it for a few hours. In a later blog I will give a more complete and detailed review when I haved used it for a much longer period.

First impressions of Sorted 3

My first impression of Sorted 3 is very positive. The user interface is quite intuitive and looks great! I read somewhere that is resembles the Things 3 interface. It totally matches iOS 13, even the automatic ‘dark mode’! Compared to the large OmniFocus, Sorted 3 seems to be a lot ‘lighter’ and easier to use.

I am not into extreme productivity hacks or the ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology. For me a to-do list is a place where I can dump all my ‘things to-do’ and schedule them (if possible) before I forget them. I also need a reminder (notification) on my Apple Watch a few minutes before I have an appointment. I like to use a to-do list both for work and personal tasks. But the most important thing is that it is fast and easy to use.

Sorted 3 is perfect for doing that. You can start with entering a task by pressing on the ‘+’ icon on your iPhone and typing what you need to do. You can stop right there and it will remain in your inbox for you to process later. But you can also Immediately add a date (with a reminder if you want) and a tag. Besides that you can make it a recurring task and you can add it to a list (school, work, personal etc.). But the best thing is that you can also enter the estimated duration of the task!

So far my first impressions of Sorted 3. I can’t wait to start using the more advanced features, like the the Auto Schedule, Time Ruler and Magic Select features. Stay tuned for my next review of the Sorted 3 to-do list!


  1. Thanks for sharing. This is good. Does sorted 3 uses their own calendar or it integrates back into Apple native calendar. I have other stuff calendared either via invites coming in for meetings etc. I need the allocation to make use of ‘spaces’ in my cal. And if the tasks are also synced back to Apple reminders that will be another huge bonus for me.

    No new update on your experience on Sorted 3 so far?

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