The recently released iOS 13 on my iPad Pro (now called iPadOS) makes a huge difference and turns my iPad Pro into a true productivity tool! In this blog I share the three things I love about the new iPadOS. Improvements that boost my productivity. Keep reading.

How iPadOS helps me focus and boosts my productivity.

iOS 10, 11 and 12

Back in 2017 I bought an iPad Pro (10,5 inch). At that time it ran on iOS 10 and it was basically just an advanced iPad. In no way it was a true replacemement of my trusty workhorse, an old MacBook Pro.

However, in september 2017, iOS 11 was released. That made my iPad Pro much more powerful and versatile. iOS 11 came with an App Switcher for easy multitasking and an App Dock that showed apps at the bottom of the screen. It also came with – much needed – improved file management tools.

Exactly one year later, iOS 12 was released. That was not a huge difference, apart from some performance improvements. It also introduced me to the first version of Siri Shortcuts.

The three things I love about the new iOS 13 (iPadOS)

iPadOS was announced at the company’s 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and is the successor of iOS 12 on iPad. It is a derivation from iOS but with a greater emphasis put on multitasking. iPadOS was released on September 24, 2019.

Last week I installed the recently released iOS 13 on my iPad Pro. iOS 13 on iPad does make a huge difference and makes my iPad Pro a true productivity tool!

Many of my – most used – apps now also support dark mode

These are the 3 new things I love about the new iPadOS:

1. Dark Mode (system wide)

The system wide dark mode on iPad looks great! I set up my dark mode to automatically kick in at sunset and stop at sunrise. Working and reading om my iPad at night is now a lot easier on the eyes. Before it looked like I was sitting behind some kind of face tanner with my pale white face. The good thing is that many of my – most used – apps like Airmail and Evernote now also support dark mode. They follow the system settings and automatically kick in when the sun sets.

I set up the WordPress widget to show me the amount of visitors on my website

2. Today View with Widgets

The Today View on iOS was introduced a while ago but I have to admit that I never really used it. Somehow, with iOS 13, it has now reached a point where it has become a very handy tool! I set it up with widgets that show me information I often check. For example: I set up the WordPress widget to show me the amount of visitors on my website. I also installed the Mailchimp widget that shows me the amount of newsletter followers of another site I run. The other widgets I installed are the: Google Agenda, Apple News and Weather widgets. Whenever I grab my iPad I now swipe right to access the Today View and quickly scan the information in the widgets.

The widget that automatically sends a message to my wife with my estimated time of arrival

3. Siri Shortcuts

The last few days I discovered the true joy and sheer power of Siri Shortcuts. I love automating simple tasks to make life easier and Siri Shortcuts does just that! One of The Siri Shortcuts I love is the one that automatically sends a message to my wife with my estimated time of arrival. All by simply pressing a button! I also love the shortcut that shows me the estimated travel time to work (and estimated time of arrival). And the one that sets my alarm clock, and automatically adjust the volume of the alarm and then puts my phone in Airplane Mode. I included the Siri Shortcuts widget on the Today View for easy access.

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