This is why you should love being a specialist

being a specialist
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Wouldn’t you like to make a living being a specialist? To immerse yourself in something, take your customers by the hand and give them the ‘specialist experience’? A visit to a British tea room inspired me. In this blog I will give you the advantages of being a specialist. Keep reading.

When you are a specialist you will probably love your work more. But being a specialist has many other advantages.

The British tea room experience

A few days ago we were walking in the city and decided to get some tea in an authentic British tea room.

On this beautiful sunny autumn day I opened the squeaky door and stepped into a completely different world. A British world.

The interior of the tea room was old fashioned with a lot of dark oak furniture. On the walls I saw all kinds of paintings and posters with typical British images like horse racing, London city buses and people playing cricket,

When we sat down I took some time to look at the people around me. They were all drinking tea from fancy cups, eating pastries from small plates and having a ‘jolly good time’.

Then I picked up the menu to read it. It included a large range of teas and all kinds of classical British pastries like scones and pies.

After some consideration I chose the Yorkshire tea and a very British piece of cheesecake.

Needless to say: the tea was perfect and the cheesecake tasted delicious. For a very short moment I actually felt British! It was quite an experience.

It also got me thinking: why did I enjoy this ‘British tea room experience’ so much? Much more than having tea or coffee at any other place? Because I trusted I would get the very best British tea and pie there.

This is how I would like to make a living too. As a specialist, taking my customers by the hand and giving them the ‘specialist experience’.

Highly specialized objects

I feel the same love for highly specialized objects. Objects that can only do one thing and do that very well. For example a pizza slicer for cutting a pizza. Or a nutcracker for…well…cracking nuts. I also like my coffee in a cuffeemug, my tea in a teacup and my beer in a beerglass. Don’t you?

On the other hand I have an automatic mistrust of objects intended to do lots of different things. Remember that tiny screwdriver and saw on the Swiss Army Knife?

That is why I love to be a specialist. To do one thing and do that extremely well.

Definition of a specialist

So, what is the definition of a specialist? According to the dictionary it is “one who specializes in a particular occupation, practice, or field of study.”

On the other hand, a generalist is “one whose skills, interests, or habits are varied or unspecialized.”

The advantages of being a specialist

What are the advantages of being a specialist?

Total immersion

You are an expert in your specialty and you know the work inside and out. The more you know, the more fun it gets! You will read anything about the subject you can and you will automatically follow all the latest innovations. Not because you have to but because you want to.

Selling is easier

You will have an easier time selling your services once you find your market. The pie is smaller but you will get a larger piece of the pie. Just because you are in a niche.

You can charge more

Customers are willing to pay more for your work. Just because you are an expert in what you do. They trust you will get the very best service, advice or experience.

Your work process is streamlined

Because you are focused on doing one thing, you work much more efficiently. Your work processes are simpler and therefore more streamlined.

Be a specialist and love what you do!

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