Why having the right job is important for you and for society

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Having a job is important for your wellbeing. But did you know that having the right kind of job is even more important? The kind of work you do, and the value it creates for you and for others, is crucial for your wellbeing and for society as as whole. Especially in the long run. There are jobs that create value and jobs that destroy value for society.

We all know that having a job is important in our lives. Why is it important? Well, for many reasons:

It gives a sense of direction

Having a job helps you to set (life) goals and start working towards them. It gives you a sense of direction.

It provides structure

When you work you need to structure your life and plan ahead. You need to get up in the morning to be in time for work. During the day you probably have meetings and appointments you have to attend. And you go to bed on time because you have to get up early to get to work in the morning. When you work you need to plan your days, weeks and months.

It helps you to build a social life

People who work usually have colleagues and have contact with a lot of different people during the day. Working is beneficial for your social life. And this is a very important factor for your health.

Achieving goals gives you a sense of satisfaction

It is a great feeling when you set goals at work and you actually achieve them. It gives you a sense of satisfaction. Which is also very important for your wellbeing.

It gives you respect and social status

Work gives people a certain social status. On average, people that work receive more respect from others than people that don’t work.

You make money

When you work you are also rewarded with a paycheck. Money helps people to provide for themselves and their families.

It gives you a sense of purpose

This may be the most important factor of work. Work gives people a sense of purpose. Well, it should. Keep reading.

Now we know why work is important. But did you know that the kind of job you have is also very important for your wellbeing? What kind of work may be bad for your wellbeing? In my personal opinion, there are different types of ‘unhealthy’ jobs.

Some examples of unhealthy jobs:

Nonsense jobs

A nonsense job is a job of which the worker itself thinks it is a useless job. More than 20% of all working people in the Western world believe they have a useless job. Our current management-culture makes the workers unproductive and inefficient, causing all kinds of problems.

Some people have jobs, doing (virtually) nothing. Others have jobs, but feel they are doing unimportant things. These people often struggle with bore out or burn out symptoms. Thirty seven percent of all working people in the UK think that if their jobs didn’t exist it would not make any difference.

Jobs that destroy value

Jobs with people that are working. But work that is actually destroying value. Take investment bankers for example. Research shows that for every pound they make, they destroy seven pounds for society. Same goes for advertising executives. For every pound they make, eleven are destroyed.

What kind of job adds value to society?

So what are valuable jobs? Jobs that add value to society? These are usually jobs in care. For instance: people looking after our children and our elders. These jobs are often low paying but add a lot of value to society. For every pound they get paid they generate over 9 pounds of value to society. I guess it is time we start paying these important workers more. Thankfully there are also many other jobs out there that add value to society. Does yours?

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