99 days of daily meditation

daily meditation
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Exactly 99 days ago I started with daily meditation. It is a habit I have been trying to form for a long time. How do I feel after 99 days of meditation? Will the habit stick? What are the benefits of daily meditation and will I keep doing it?

Today I have been meditating for exactly 99 days in a row. I am happy and proud because daily meditation is a habit I have been trying to form for over a decade. Somehow it did never stick, until now! About 60 days ago I wrote a blog about my experiences of meditating for 30 days. At the time I was really positive about it. What has changed since then? Did it become better? Will I continue?

These are the seven things I noticed after meditating for 99 days in a row:

I meditate longer

When I first started meditating I usually sat for a maximum of 10 minutes. That was the longest I could sit still and focus. Now I sit for 30 minutes without any problem. It allows me to go deeper into my meditation and that feels even better. Also, my body is now more used to sitting crossed legged and with a straight back. I am not forced to stop because of numb legs or an aching back. Daily meditation has improved my meditation posture.

I stay awake

Sounds funny? Well, it used to be quite common for me to nod off when meditating. My head would drop down and that usually caused me to ‘wake up’ and continue my meditation. For the last month or so I stay awake and feel alert during the meditation. Sometimes I even open my eyes and try to take in my surroundings.

I can influence the meditation

When meditating I feel that sometimes I can ‘steer’ the meditation in a certain direction. For instance: I can start with some kind of visualization and switch to breathing exercises later. I feel more alert and in control.

It has become a habit

Daily meditation is now really a habit for me. Just as normal as brushing my teeth or combing my hair. I never forget to do it and my family is also used to it. Sometimes they even ask me: ‘did you meditate today?’

I have more energy during the day

Before I started meditating I would have moments during the day, usually after dinner or when we would sit down in the evening, that I would feel really tired. Since I am meditating I have noticed that I have more energy during the day.

I feel more alert and calm

Of course meditating for a longer time has not changed my personality. But it has made me calmer and more alert at the same time. Somehow I feel more ‘in control’ and I feel I have a deeper understanding of things. I have always been a positive person but my positive mindset has become even stronger.

I learned to breathe

Doing breathing exercises during meditation taught me to breathe better. I am more aware of my breath and enjoy filling my lungs with fresh air. It even feels like my lung capacity has increased and I have more air at my disposal.

I enjoy it!

This is very important. I discovered that meditation is something I really enjoy doing! Usually I even look forward to it. It is definitely not a boring chore but it has really become a positive, energizing moment for myself every day.

Conclusion: my meditation habit sticks and I hope to continue doing it for a long time. The most important things are that I really enjoy doing it, my family endorses it and I feel more energized and alert. Last but not least: I hope I can inspire people to start the habit of daily meditation too!

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