Addicted to distraction

addicted to distraction
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A trip to the shopping mall this afternoon reminded me of the fact that so many people are addicted to distraction these days. We are all buying more and more stuff that distracts us for a little while. How about appreciating the stuff – and people – we already have around us?

“Yeah, it’s Ultra HD and has got Dolby Surround and stuff like that” I heard the man say. He was casually leaning on a huge box that probably contained something similar to a small cinema. A few moments later I spotted two bored young women sitting behind Starbucks Frappuccino’s. They were barely visible behind a wall of brown paper bags with ‘Primark’ printed on them. Meanwhile, the toy store had long queues of parents and grandparents waiting to pay for their toys.

Santa Claus looked sad

“KLING, KLENG” A tired looking Santa Claus was walking in front of me ringing his bell. He looked a bit sad and disappointed. Nobody was paying attention to him. People were too busy eating, drinking, playing with their phones and buying more stuff.

Addicted to distraction

This afternoon we went to a local shopping mall. It was extremely busy because everybody was doing last minute Christmas shopping. People were spending money. Buying presents, eating and drinking. They were all addicted to distraction. And so was I.

Don’t get me wrong. I also like to buy and receive nice presents. And I believe we should keep doing that. But this blog is all about finding focus. And buying more stuff is all about being addicted to distraction. How about appreciating the things we already have?

Disappearing stores

The only second-hand store in the mall disappeared a few months ago. What a shame! I always liked browsing around stuff people did not want anymore. And I loved the fact that these things often received a second (or third) life in another home. It always amazed me that people discarded perfectly good things so easily.

Recently I noticed that the last real bookstore had also disappeared from the huge shopping mall. All remaining shops now only had clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, food and drinks. My two favorite shops were now gone.

He was like the books that nobody bought

Maybe that is why Santa Claus looked so sad. Ringing his bell that nobody seemed to hear. He was like the books that nobody bought. The stories that nobody read. Or the perfectly good secondhand stuff nobody wanted. Maybe next year Santa will be gone too?

Appreciate the people and things around you

Have a great Christmas. And please spoil each other with nice presents, if you can. But don’t get too addicted to to distraction and make sure you make time to appreciate the people and things around you. Maybe next year they are gone.

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