Another Road is a perfect 80s top-down driving game

Another Road for iOS review
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I have been looking for a certain kind of iOS game for some time now and today I finally found it! The game Another Road has a beautiful top-down visual style that reminds me of some of the great Commodore 64 games of the 80s. Exactly the kind of gaming nostalgia I was looking for in a modern iOS game! Keep reading.

Reliving that 80s gaming feeling

As some of you may know I love retro gaming, especially the Commodore 64 games from the 80s. Quite often I boot up an emulator on my laptop to play them and I even watch many of the C64 longplays on YouTube. Pretty nerdy eh?

Still, I was looking for a way to relive that ’80s Commodore 64 gaming feeling’ on a modern device like an iPhone or iPad. But there was no game that even came close to that.

Another Road on iOS

Until today! Because today I found a new iOS game that is a mix of three of my all time favorite Commodore 64 games: Blue Max, The Last V8 and Action Biker. I am talking about the game Another Road by game designer Kevin Choteau. This morning I bought it and immediately started playing.

I just love these casual, top-down games. Just driving around, enjoying the scenery and trying to get as far as possible. Another Road starts in the parking lot of a garage where you can choose a small, yellow car. Then you just hit the gas and start driving.

The gameplay

The game is really simple: you just follow the road and try to get as far as possible, carefully managing the damage and fuel level of your car. You collect coins while you drive and pick up items that can either repair damage or add some fuel to your tank. The coins can be used to buy fuel at the gas stations that you encounter on the way. You can also save money to unlock one of the many vehicles in the game. There are thirteen different vehicles to drive from a small car to a monster truck, forklift and tank. And the vehicles all handle a bit differently.

The roads are randomly generated, just like the things you encounter on the road: speed bumps, roadblocks, moving barriers and greyhound busses. Sometimes you drive through the desert and other times you drive over bridges that cross the water. The road just keeps on changing. And to add to the excitement, there is a tornado that chases you when you are driving too slow.

Of course you can just drive around and enjoy the surroundings, but what the game is really about is: driving as far as possible while managing the balance between damage to your car, your gas level and money. Sounds easy? Well, it is actually quite hard.

The visuals

I just love the top-down visual style of the game. It is simple but also full of nice details. And for some reason it really reminds me of Blue Max and The Last V8 on the Commodore 64. And that is exactly the kind of 80s nostalgia I was looking for in a game. It is a joy to just drive around and admire the scenery.

The sound

The music is okay but – to be honest – I usually mute the in-game music on most of the games I play. The sound effects: car revving, braking, crashing etc. are great and really add to the game though.

The controls

At first, the controls seem to be a bit difficult but after playing for a while you get used to them. Obviously, the controls are different when you backup the car. Something I keep messing up. The handling of the vehicle really reminds me of the Action Biker game on the C64. You really need to learn to drive first, which is great fun! Overall, it is easy to learn to control the car and you can drive around for quite a while without crashing. Remember the uncontrollable car in Miami Vice on the C64? Well, it is nothing like that.

If you are looking for a fun, simple top-down driving game that is different every time you play it; try Another Road. And if you are an 80s gaming kid like me you might enjoy it even more! You can download it in the App Store for $ 1.99 and start playing right away.

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