Cleaning out the attic and your head

cleaning out the attic
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“Hey Joe” Jimy’s singing in the background. The radio is on and we are listening to the ‘Top 2000’ hit list. The annual countdown of all the best songs ever. Meanwhile we are cleaning out the attic. The traditional new year cleaning.

Our attic has been a repository of ‘things that we don’t want to throw away but don’t want to see every day either’ for years now. Time to start cleaning out the attic!

Cleaning out the attic

Of course our attic is filled with all the standard: Christmas decorations, old shoes, clothes and all sorts of ‘summer vacation’ stuff. But also piles of discarded toys and games that haven’t been touched in years.

My wife doesn’t need her training boxing gloves anymore. She can’t beat me anyway. That’s why we put them on Ebay. I believe they are sold by now. Yesterday we also sold an (unused) Monopoly game in the form of a huge floor mat. And the day before that we sold an old photo camera.

I just put my official Orange soccershirt (The Netherlands) on Ebay too. Once worn for a match I attended through work. Believe me, I will not shed a tear letting it go. And how about my practice nunchucks and boxing gloves (yes, I had them too). Relics from a rather complicated (and violent?) personal sporting history, or so it seems. Get rid of them!

Give old stuff a new life

“Silent lucidity” Queensryche is singing. Love that song! And our attic is becoming more and more empty. If we keep up the good work we may even see the whole floor again. That nice little Buddha statue is now on my bedside table. And that old iMac is now in my daughter’s room. We give some old stuff a new life. That feels good!

I feel like a crazy impulsive consumer

The stacks of empty boxes that once held new electronic devices remind me how many gadgets I have bought in the past decade. I feel like a crazy impulsive consumer. And I realize once again how privileged we are in the Western world.

“Crazy little thing called love” Freddy Mercury sings. I’m shredding all old papers that were once extremely important. I find my old retro lcd games, that I loved playing as a kid, and put them in a safe place before my wife throws them out.

Digging in your memory

Cleaning out the attic is like digging in your memory. Often you find unusable rubbish, but occasionally some real gems. Every object has a unique (hi)story.

You can also compare it with the annual ‘Top 2000‘ hitlist. Once a year we clear out our music attic. And we hear all those ‘songs that we love but don’t want to hear every day either’. Some old classics disappear from the chart and are replaced by new ones. Which is a good thing. But of course we will never throw away the “Bohemian Rhapsody’s, Hotel California’s and Wish You Were Here’s”.

“Money” by Pink Floyd is next. And indeed! A lot of ‘rubbish’ also makes us some money thanks to Ebay. Though I’ll never sell my copy of “Dark Side of the Moon”.

A tip: when you have the time, start cleaning out the attic. It will clear your head too.

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