Make a daily habit of meditation

Recharge like a lazy dog

daily habit of meditation
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In our western society many of us have lost the skill to relax and recharge. There are just too many distractions and things we think we should be doing. Our permanently occupied minds suck our energy and cause many health problems. Making a daily habit of meditation helps you to recharge. Be inspired by your lazy dog!

Relaxing, reading, taking a stroll, chilling, doing nothing, being lazy. These days it is so hard for us to do these things without feeling guilty. Recognize this? I know I do! Whenever I sit in a chair with a book or a cup of coffee my mind starts bugging me: ‘get up, no time to sit still and do nothing!’. Somehow my mind is trained to always make the most of each hour. To be productive. To train, work out or at the very least learn something new. There are always distractions, things to do. No time to just sit still and ‘space out’. Come on! What will other people think? That is why I decided to make a daily habit of meditation.

Frowned upon

In our current society, doing nothing and thinking about (almost) nothing is frowned upon. Also, it has become nearly impossible. There are entire industries that have the sole purpose to distract us and fill our spare time with noise. To occupy our mind and steal the precious time we can also spend with ourselves and our loved ones. Our permanent busy, occupied minds in turn cause us to drift away from ourselves and those loved ones.

On the other hand many people I meet always feel: falling behind, busy, rushed, tense. They procrastinate and are never able to focus and get the work done. They even have have trouble resting and sleeping. Thanks to their busy, filled minds.

Smart dog

For inspiration I always look at our family dog. He still knows how to be lazy! He also knows how to have fun. But when he has spent his energy, he just finds a place to lie down and recharge his batteries. And he does that many times a day. He doesn’t care what others might think. Maybe our dogs are way smarter than us? They still have that skill to relax and recharge.

Make a daily habit of meditation

A perfect way to be more like our smart dogs and get those recharging moments into our day is to make a habit of meditation. Because when I meditate I stop being busy and productive. I stop being a father, husband, son, brother, entrepreneur etc. For a short while I am just alone with my mind. I sit still and reset & recharge myself.

Don’t have coffee with them

The beauty in all this is the fact that all you need to do is: find a quiet place, sit still, set a timer on your phone and close your eyes. Then breathe, relax your muscles and let your thoughts pass through. Let them come in through the front door and go out through the back door. Just don’t have coffee and a chat with them. When you open your eyes again you will feel fresh and energized. Ready to do the things you wanted to do. Just like the dog that just had its rest. Dare to be a lazy dog and recharge!

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