Five benefits of drinking less coffee

and more tea

less coffee
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Coffee is great to give you energy and get you into that productive mood. It is easy to keep drinking it all day. But did you know that the positive effect is much better when you drink less coffee? A while ago I went from drinking eight cups of coffee per day to only two cups. It really opened my eyes. In this blog I give you five benefits of drinking less coffee.

“I love the smell of coffee beans in the morning.” That must be one of the best smells in the world. Much better than….ehm…napalm. Sometimes, when I brew it and no one is watching, I smell the roasted beans. Nothing beats a steaming cup of black coffee in the morning to get me in that productive mood. It is a ritual I have had since I was a student. Drinking less coffee never crossed my mind.

Those first sips of black bitterness are often the best thing I taste all day

Somehow the caffeine in the coffee always dissolves those ‘morning clouds’ in my head and it helps me to focus when I start working. Those first sips of black bitterness are often the best thing I taste all day.

In the past I usually drank three or four cups in the morning. And an equal amount in the afternoon. Sometimes, when I worked in one of those offices where colleagues took turns getting coffee, I drank much more. Coffee is even better when you don’t have to get it yourself, right?

A huge dip

Looking back, I remember that sometimes – around 11 AM – I always felt a little stressed and I had trouble focusing. My body felt like a dragracer that was constantly revving up on the starting grid. Not actually racing but still wasting energy. Then, after lunch, I had a huge dip and I had to drink coffee again to get out of it.

Also, often in the weekends when I woke up in the morning I had a really nasty cloud in my head that would only dissolve after a few cups of coffee. Same in the afternoon.

Slowly I had become a coffee junkie

Slowly I had become a coffee junkie. And it was not helping me focus and be productive. On the contrary!

I started drinking less coffee

Realizing that, I changed things. For a while now I stopped drinking more coffee after that one morning cup. I usually drink one more after lunch and then I stop. That took some time getting used to. I guess my body had to get in line with the new caffeine routine. Think about it: it went from 8 cups a day (or more) to only 2 cups a day. One quarter! But after a few weeks of adjusting things started feeling normal again.

“I love the smell of coffee beans in the morning”

So what are the benefits I experienced when I started drinking less coffee?

1. The effect is better and it lasts longer

When I drink coffee now I immediately feel the energizing effect. And it also lasts much longer. The energy from that one cup in the morning seems to last a few hours. Enough to get you started in the morning.

2. The coffee tastes better

In the past I stopped tasting the coffee after a few cups. The coffee was just something I needed to stay energized. But now I take time to enjoy the two cups I drink. They taste much better.

3. I feel more relaxed and focused

Drinking less coffee makes me feel much more relaxed than before. With the two cups I drink during the day I can easily concentrate and maintain my focus. The stressed feeling seems to be gone and so is the nasty lunch dip.

4. The weekend dips have stopped

In the weekends I usually have the same routine: one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. Because I maintain the same low caffeine levels as during the week, there is no dip.

5. I discovered other tastes

So, what do I drink now during the day instead of all those cups of coffee? Simple: tea! I bough a tea mug with an infuser that I refill during the day. Obviously I try to drink tea with less caffeine such as: green tea, jasmine tea, chamomile tea or rooibos. And guess what? The tea leaves give me a whole new world of different tastes – and smells – to enjoy!

Start drinking less coffee and start loving it more

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