How to get back to your healthy habits after your summer vacation

summer vacation
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Summer vacation is a perfect time to step out of the routine and really enjoy yourself. It is alright to pause your good habits for a while and enjoy life, together with the people that are close to you. When the vacation is over you may find that your body and mind are longing to return to some of those healthy habits. Should you? And how do you do that?

During my summer vacation I tried to practice mindfulness from time to time. A few times a day I practiced breathing and using my senses to live in – en enjoy – the very moment I was in. I even managed to do my daily meditation sessions!

Sounds good, right? Well, besides that I also really enjoyed the: staying up late, sleeping in, eating irregularly and way too much, drinking (a lot of) beers and eating (way too many!) ice creams. Apart from some walking, biking and swimming I did not exercise at all!

Just like many people on vacation, a lot of ‘good habits’ were on halt for a while. And that is just fine. It is alright to pause them and enjoy life. But now I feel it is time to get back on track. Not because I have to – or someone is forcing me to – but because I long for the energy and focus my healthy habits bring me.

So, for all of you out there that just returned from their summer vacation and who are also struggling to get back on track,

five tips to get back to your healthy habits after your summer vacation:

Spread the word

Let the people around you know that you start with your good habits again. Inform your: spouse, children, family, co-workers etc. Also tell them why: because you feel your body longs for a return to a healthier lifestyle and new energy.

Maybe they will even get inspired and join you! Also, they can hold you accountable and may even help you during those ‘difficult times’.

Take baby steps

Especially when you start exercising again, start slow. Don’t return to your old level right away and damage your tendons and muscles. Start a few levels lower and slowly increase every time you exercise. You will be back on your old level in no time! Just enjoy the progress you make.

Monitor and enjoy your progress

When you start with your good habits again take some time to evaluate from time to time. What do they bring to your mind and body? Do you feel the benefits after the end of the first week? Enjoy those moments. They will remind you of the very reason that you have these good habits.

Take your healthy habits to a whole new level

You can even use this moment of ‘restarting’ to start striving for an even higher level of wellness / fitness. Or to try out new good habits you have discovered. When you start exercising again, do not only (slowly) try to get back on the level you were on before your summer vacation but try to get to an even higher level. Also, try out new habits you have discovered. For example: eating less sugar and less meat and drinking less alcohol. Or: starting to keep a daily journal, reading more, daily meditation or improving your ability to focus.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

When you start your good habits again, remind yourself for the fact that you are not ‘punishing’ yourself for something you did wrong. Enjoying life during your summer vacation and being less strict on yourself is not a bad thing. Just be thankful of the fact that you have the positive mindset to start your good habits again and the knowledge how to do it.

Good luck!

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