Inside Bill’s Brain – what I learned from watching

Inside Bill’s Brain
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Recently the documentary mini series ‘Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates’ appeared on Netflix. A documentary that tells Bill Gates’ life story and shows how he is finding solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems. I just watched the first episode and was inspired. What did I learn? Keep reading.

Last evening I watched the first episode of the miniseries on Netflix ‘Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates’.

Inside Bill’s Brain

Ofcourse we all know who Bill Gates is. But after watching the first episode of ‘Inside Bill’s Brain‘ I have the feeling I really got to know him a lot better. And it inspired me to try and be a little more like Bill (okay, with a little less money…).

In ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’ he talks openly about his childhood struggles. About his relationship with his parents and his sisters. We also learn that his mother had a large role in making him the man he is now. Bill is a true introvert and in his youth he would usually stay in his room and read. His mother clashed with him a lot about this but she also forced him into social situations and really showed him the joy and value of helping others. About using his knowledge and skills to do good. He used what he learned in these lessons well during his long and extremely successful career. And he still uses them today. I never knew his mother was an influential businesswoman. Sadly, she passed shortly after Bill married Melinda. And that is when Melinda became the other important woman in Bill’s life.

His hunger for knowledge

He also talks about his hunger for knowledge and information. His assistant always packs a suitcase full of books for him to bring on his (many) travels around the globe (why is Bill not using an E-reader!?!). The people he meets with are always impressed by the fact that he prepares his meetings extremely well and that he often knows more about the subject of conversation than they do.

In ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’, a personal friend of Bill also talks about the way he processes information. When Bill reads a book (usually while chewing on a pencil) he reads about 150 pages per hour. Apart from this speed he also manages to really process and understand what he is reading.

Forcing his brain to make a choice

At one point we see Bill walking through woodlands. And we hear him talk about the fact that he makes choices about what he wants his brain to work on. After making a choice, he then forces his brain to work on this specific problem.

For example: a few years ago – after reading a newspaper article about hygiene and (lack of) toilets in third-world countries – he decided to force his brain (and his impressive network and resources) to work on this problem. In the documentary we see how he – with the help of many others – manages to develop solutions to this problem.

His wife also talks about the way Bill thinks. When he has a lot of thinking to do, he walks. He paces the room.

What did I learn from ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’?

So what did I learn from ‘Inside Bill’s Brain‘? Well, besides the fact that Bill is actually a very inspiring person?

Knowledge is useless without action

First of all the fact that intellect and knowledge is useless without action. Bill became the successful man he is after his mother taught him to get out of his room to talk to people and actually use his knowledge.

Preparation is crucial

Second I learned that preparation is crucial. Knowledge is power. When you meet someone to talk about something, make sure you prepare extremely well and read a lot about the subject.

Make choices on what you work on

Finally I learned that we have to force our brain to make choices on what to work on. After making a choice we then have to force it to work on that specific problem and nothing else. Train your focus!

Enjoy watching ‘Inside Bill’s Brain‘. I hope it inspires you too. And try to be a little more like Bill…

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