Let’s make some happy little trees

happy little trees
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All those loud YouTubers unpacking toys, creating useless waste and destroying things in their videos annoy me. But I guess that these are the things that most of our kids watch nowadays. Where is the first environmentally friendly YouTuber with a calm and pleasant voice that is actually creating intelligent, useful stuff? That is when I decided to introduce my kids to Bob Ross and his “happy little trees”. Keep reading.

Last week I read an article about the highest paid YouTube Stars of 2019. I was shocked to learn that the highest paid ‘star’ is a kid that started unboxing toys on camera when he was just 3 years old. In 2019 he celebrated his 8th birthday. And in that same year he also made $26 million! With what? Well…for example: he made a video titled “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge” that had over 1.9 billion views, making it one of the 50 most viewed videos on YouTube. Okay…

And this kid is no exception. The number 3 on the list is a 5-year-old girl from Russia (she moved to the US last year) that made $18 million in 2019. She and her parents run six YouTube channels for children that have more than 103 million subscribers and over 40 billion views in total. And what are all those people watching? Well, a kid singing songs and unpacking toys…

My kids also like to watch all kinds of YouTubers. From boys and girls unpacking toys, making slime or showing ‘life hacks’ to gamers playing Minecraft or any other popular game. Sometimes I try to watch with them but I usually don’t last that long. It is not just the noise the YouTube boys and girls tend to make (those voices!) that annoy me but also the amount of waste they produce when they are unpacking all kinds of useless stuff. Or when they are doing crazy things like sitting in a bathtub full of plastic balls or something stupid like that.

But I guess we have to accept that these are the things that most of our kids around the globe watch these days. I am still waiting for the first environmentally friendly YouTuber with a calm and pleasant voice that is actually creating intelligent, useful stuff.

Bob Ross

That is when I realized that this person exists! So I decided to teach my children some real ‘culture’ and I introduced them to the Bob Ross YouTube Channel: the Joy of Painting. Bob Ross: half man, half sheep. Always positive, calm and with an extremely pleasant voice. And the paintings he creates… Wow!

Watching Bob Ross painting has the same effect as drinking five cups of soothing chamomile tea while somebody is slowly massaging your feet. It is extremely relaxing. I remember watching Bob Ross painting when I was a kid. He was always full of enthusiasm (but still calm!) and positive. He also learned me the life lesson: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Bob Ross did not sit in a bathtub full of plastic balls. He did not unpack all kinds of stuff, only to destroy or discard it later. Bob Ross did make slime though…kind of… But he only used it to paint!

Happy little trees

And with that paint he created masterpieces. When he started painting on a blank canvas it usually didn’t look like much. But then – with a few strokes of his brush – he created the most beautiful clouds you had ever seen (lets make some happy little clouds). With a hyper realistic pine forest (happy little trees) of which you could almost sniff the pine air.

Yesterday I watched my youngest daughter paint and I was delighted to see that she actually used some Bob Ross techniques to create a few “happy little trees”.

So this is some free advice to all those loud YouTubers bathing in plastic, making slime and destroying stuff: be like Bob Ross and make calm, positive videos. Make us relax and create something of value. We will all be “happy little people” and maybe you will still be remembered decades from now.

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