Morning exercise will kickstart your day

morning exercise
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We all know that regular exercise is very important for a healthy body and mind. That is why I try to work out a few times a week. Recently I also started exercising every Saturday morning. Which is quite a change to my usual routine because I loved to sleep late on the weekends. The thing that made it easier was reminding myself of all the good things the morning exercise would bring me. In this blog I give you the five benefits of morning exercise.

I have been working out during weekdays for quite a while now, usually in the afternoon. But just recently I also started exercising every Saturday morning. Getting out of bed early and eating a small meal before I grab my sporting gear and leave the house. Some Saturdays I go for a long run outside and other weekends I go to the gym and exercise for an hour or so, doing cardio and lifting weights. Morning exercise is quite a change to my usual weekend routine. Because I used to sleep late on the weekends, thinking I needed the long rest after the busy workweek. I used to wake up late, walk the dog, grab a coffee and eat a large breakfast together with the family. By then it would be around 11 AM before the day would really start.

That is why the biggest change for me was getting out of bed early on Saturday mornings. So I promised myself to jump out of bed at the moment the alarm clock would sound at 07:30 AM. No snoozing allowed! Which proved to be easier than I thought. The thing that made it easier was reminding myself of all the good things the morning exercise would bring me. Because I discovered – from my own experience – that there are many benefits to morning exercise.

These are the five benefits of morning exercise:

It is something you will never regret

This is the thing that struck me most. I have never, and I repeat, never regretted exercising early in the morning. Sure, waking up early and getting out of bed when the whole house is still sleeping can be a challenge. But the moment I start working out and the first drops of sweat appear, I feel great. And when I am in the shower after the workout I never regret ‘not sleeping late’. And finally: most mornings are quiet and beautiful. Do you want to miss that?

Morning exercise is positive start of the day

I discovered that the positive feeling of morning exercise will last all day. I guess it are the chemicals the workout releases in your brain. But also the small sense of pride you will feel. When the others were sleeping in, you were working on your health.

It will kickstart your metabolism

Your body will burn more calories after your workout, even when you are sitting on the couch or are doing some shopping. When you exercise in the morning you will kickstart your metabolism before you start taking in calories. When I used to sleep in and eat a large breakfast, I would feel it sitting in my stomach for a large part of the day. But when I eat breakfast now, right after my workout, it is almost like my body is craving the calories. Burning them really fast.

Morning exercise will build self-discipline

Committing yourself to rising early and working out is quite powerful. It builds character, self-esteem and self-discipline.

It will make you reach your fitness goals faster

Many people set fitness goals for the week and for the day. Especially those with fitness trackers will sometimes feel guilty when they do not reach the goals they set for themselves. Maybe they want to fill the fitness rings on their Apple Watch or reach the 10,000 step goal on their Fitbit. When you start the day with a workout, you will probably reach your goals even before the day really starts.

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