myNoise app is great to block out noise

and help you relax or focus

myNoise app
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myNoise helps me block out noise with high quality sounds. There are sounds that help me relax and sounds that help me focus. This is how I use the myNoise app.

Wy do I use the myNoise app? Silence is very rare these days. We lead noisy lives, consuming noisy media all day long. Listening to Spotify, watching YouTube or Netflix, surfing the internet and playing games. It seems like music and sounds have to be played loud in order to be enjoyed. People have to yell and scream to make themselves heard.

When we go outside we are also bombarded with noise. Cars racing on the streets, people talking loudly to each other in the office, kids screaming in the stores and restaurants with loud music playing. Silence is so rare these days that we almost feel uncomfortable with it. We are just not used to it anymore. Also, for some people, silence seems to equal boredom.

Enjoy the silence

To me, silence is not boring. It is energizing! Not all the time, but a few times a day I love to – as Depeche Mode sings – ‘enjoy the silence’. By taking a long walk outside or by meditating for a while in a quiet place. Especially when I am meditating the noise stops and I can finally ‘hear’ myself and my body again. Silence helps me to recharge my batteries.

That is why it is strange that I recently discovered that some sounds can actually improve the feeling of silence and relaxation. Some soft, soothing sounds help block out the noise and really let me focus and relax.

ASMR whispering

When I started searching for those sounds on YouTube I found out that there is something called ASMR whispering. What is ASMR whispering? It is the term for the sensation people get when they watch stimulating videos or take part in other activities — usually ones that involve personal attention. Many people describe the feeling as ‘tingles’ that run through the back of someone’s head and spine. Others say the feeling is deeply relaxing, and can even cause them to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, ASMR is not for me. The sounds of (usually women) whispering random things in my ear do not really help me relax!

myNoise App

When I kept searching for applications that create sounds to block out noise I came across myNoise. It is a website and you can find it on Spotify but there is also a free myNoise app in the App Store (iOS) and in Google Play (Android). It has some great sounds and loved it so much that after a few days I paid some money to ‘unlock’ all available (and future) sounds.

The myNoise app mainly stands out because of the quality of the sounds, which is extremely good. There is a good variety with also some quirky ones. Of course there are sounds like: Rain Noise, Water Stream and Unreal Ocean. But also: Open Sea (The Yacht Experience), Roman Bath Noise, Polders Windmill and Dark Forest. Or what about: Suburb (Sound of Neighborhood), Car Interior, Railroads, Binaural Beat Machine (Pure Sine Dope), Cafe Restaurant, Polar Expedition and even Spa-Francorchamps (Formula Race Noise).

Whenever I take some time to relax or meditate I use the myNoise app and pick a sound that I like. My favorite sound so far is Crystal Clear (Unbottled Spring Water Noise). When I play that and close my eyes I envision myself sitting in a beautiful place next to a stream of clear, running water.

When I need to do some focused work I play sounds like: Spring Walk or Primeval Forest. It really helps me to concentrate and get some work done.

The great thing about the myNoise app is that you can calibrate the sounds to fit your own needs. You can even mix sounds and bookmark your favorites. Last but not least there is an enormous amount of high quality sounds available, especially if you unlock them all.

Have fun using myNoise and enjoy the silence.

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