One year of daily meditation

may the quiet force be with you

daily meditation
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Over a year ago I started the habit of daily meditation. The habit sticked. And? Is it life changing? Did it change my personality? Make me more intelligent? No, none of that. But I enjoyed doing it and it did bring me some good things. Keep reading.

More than a year ago I started meditating on a daily basis. To my own surprise I have rarely skipped a daily meditation session since then. Almost every evening I have been meditating for about 15 to 20 minutes. I even continued doing it during vacations and I also meditated on times when I got home very late.

So? Is that something to be proud of? No, not really. I am not ‘proud’ of the fact that I brush my teeth two times a day either. Are you? Daily meditation is just something I do because I think it is important. Because I know it is important. For me it is just basic daily maintenance of the mind. A ‘soft reset’ of the brain. Rinsing and cleaning.

So, what did daily meditation bring me? Is it really a ‘life changing’ habit? Well….no. It has not changed my personality in any way. Sadly, it did not make me smarter either! But I enjoyed doing it and it did bring me some good things.

I succeeded in developing a healthy routine

First of all I succeeded in developing a healthy daily routine. Meditation is now an anchor in my day I can rely on. It is the opposite of an unhealthy routine like grabbing a beer from the fridge when you get home from work (okay…I have to admit I do that too sometimes…). Or eating icecream for dessert each and every day. No, it is a healthy routine more in the line of: flossing your teeth every day before bed. Or eating a nutricious breakfast before you go to work in the morning.

Daily meditation is a small present to myself

This may be the most important thing: meditation is something I enjoy and often even look forward to doing. It is a small present to myself. Imagine how you can look forward to drinking that nice cup of hot coffee in the morning. Or having that steaming hot shower in the evening. I can look forward to my daily meditation session in a similar fashion. It is something familiar that I know makes me feel good.

Meditation made me aware of the connection between body and mind

Daily meditation made me more aware of the connection between my body and my mind. It learned me how I can use my brain to control my body. For example when I clear my thoughts and use my breath to relax and lower my heartrate. Or how I can become energized using specific breathing techniques while meditating. Meditation taught me how to control fysical processes with the mind. In a way, I got to know my body a little better. It also made me trust my body more than I did before.

May the quiet force be with you

Peace and quiet are scarce in our modern world full of constant noise and distractions. For at least fifteen minutes a day I enjoy pure peace and quiet. Not sleeping, but just being present and awake. I learned that peace and quiet is things our body and mind craves. When I am meditating I feel tension slipping away and I feel a mysterious quiet ‘force’ entering my body. Similar to a car fueling up and reenergizing.

Daily meditation may be the most important ‘non life changing’ habit. Will you try it?

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