Start your day with a mindful breakfast

mindful breakfast
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Some say it is the most important meal of the day: breakfast. We put effort in making breakfast and selecting healthy ingredients. Why not put some effort in appreciating the food, taking our time and enjoying a mindful breakfast?

Since I was a small kid I have always eaten my breakfast while reading something. No matter what: comics, tv guides and just stuff that was easy and fun to read. When I became older I read magazines and newspapers while eating. It even became so bad that when I didn’t have something to read I just grabbed a serial box or something and started to read the list of ingredients on it! Not what we would call a mindful breakfast…

Chewing mindlessly

And lately it has been the newsreader on my smartphone. Just swiping and scrolling away while I occasionally steer a spoonful of food in the direction of my mouth. Chewing mindlessly. And wondering where my breakfast went as I am scraping the bottom of my empty bowl.

When we eat breakfast with the family in the weekends I never read. We take our time and talk. I was wondering why this felt so much better then the mindless eating on workdays. Now I know.

A mindful breakfast

The last few weeks, on workdays, I have been eating my breakfast a little more mindful. That is to say: I force myself to not read something ‘on the side’. Instead I watch my food and I try to actually taste every bite.

This is so hard! It seems that my mind is really struggling with this simple task. I am even experiencing problems with my posture. How do I sit? Where do I look? I even get the strange feeling I am wasting time just sitting and eating my breakfast without doing something else.

Benefits of mindful eating

So what are the benefits I experience when I eat my breakfast mindfully? Well, first of all I actually start enjoying the different tastes: fruit, serial, milk etc. Almost like a baby experiencing taste for the first time. Second: I eat more calmly and take the time to chew and swallow. The food isn’t just loaded into my mouth and dropped in my stomach. No, it is actually being processed. That is what it feels like anyway. Finally it feels like I am really appreciating my food. It is a bit hard to explain but it just ‘feels good’.

So, start your day healthy with a mindful breakfast! Almost sounds like a tv commercial doesn’t it?

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