This year you should learn to code

learn to code
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Is your New Year’s Resolution to live healthier in the new year? Good for you! Studies show health-related resolutions always top the list. How about adding another important Resolution? A new habit that combines a a healthier mind and future! The next best thing you can do this new year is learn to code. Why? Five reasons.

Technology is everywhere in today’s society. Think of all the things you have done with a computer – or any electronic device – today. All those devices are powered by the software that runs them. So is the entire Internet. All are basically useless without the code – instructions – that tell them what to do.

Learn to code

When you learn to code you will be able to speak the same language as all those devices. And when you speak the same language you will understand each other better. Won’t you? And that is always a good thing. There are many reasons you should learn to code. Below I will give you five.

Five reasons why you should learn to code this year:

1. Boost your creativity

Make the switch from consuming to creating. Stop binging on Facebook, Instagram and Netflix and start creating something instead.
You will be amazed what this does with your brain. New neurons will be activated and your mind will wake up and be more alert. You will create amazing things and take pride in your achievements.

2. Improve your problem solving skills

When you code, you are constantly searching for solutions to problems that arise. Since problem solving skills will become even more important in our jobs the coming years, why not practice and become a coding problem solving master?

Learn to speak the new language of the world around you

3. Learn a new skill that will always be relevant

Everybody agrees: all our kids should learn how to code. It is one of those skills that is extremely important for their future. But the future is for everybody, isn’t it? Not just for the kids. That is why I believe everybody should learn to code: mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and grandparents.

4. Improve your digital literacy

Learn to speak the new language of the world around you. Most things we use today are made by computer code. The only way you will understand how all these things work is to learn to code. When you do, you will be more comfortable with technology.

5. Coding is fun!

This may be the most important reason of all. Many people love playing games and solving puzzles in their spare time. When you code, you can combine this hobby with actual, meaningful work. You will learn that building new things using logic is fun. You will step out of your comfort zone and discover new talents.

Where to start?

There are thousands of different coding languages. Java is the one that is most used. But that is not an easy place to start. I personally recommend starting with Python. It is free, relatively easy to learn and there are many resources.

You can search for free Python courses on sites like Udemy and Coursera.

Start this new habit in the new year and learn to code. Let me know what you have created!

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