To finish first you must first finish

To finish first, you must first finish
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To finish first you must first finish. A quote from the world of motorsport that can also be used in many other situations. Around me I see a lot of examples of people starting something, but failing to finish it. So how do we finish more races? Keep reading!

“To finish first you must first finish.” A great quote that is often used in the world of motorsport. It means: “If you want to win the race, make sure your car actually makes it all the way to the end first.” In other words: “It is not always the fastest car, constantly driving in front, that wins the race.” The race is never won before the finish line. Only by crossing it first.

Formula 1

I watch a lot of Formula 1 races and I have learned that speed and the skill of the driver are not the biggest factors in winning races. The strategy of the team, endurance of the driver and reliability of the material are all extremely important factors. For example: when the engine of the car that is leading the race fails five meters before the finish line, it will not win. It will be last.

Years later, people will not look back on that particular race and think “Look! That is the driver that almost won.” No, they will only remember the actual winner. The person that crossed the finish line first.

To finish first you must first finish

This translates well to many other situations. Around me I see a lot of examples of people starting something, but failing to finish it. That is why I believe we should all try to finish more races!

For example: when you have been working on a great project for a long time but for some reason you fail to finish it, it was all for nothing.

For example: when you have been studying for years and years but you fail to get your diploma, it was all in vain.

So, how do we finish our races? To find the answer I go back to the world of motorsport, the place the quote was first used.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas

At this moment, the leading team in Formula 1 is Mercedes-AMG Petronas. They have been dominating races for over five years now. Mercedes has great cars, engines and and drivers. But so do the other top teams: Ferrari and Red Bull.

How come Mercedes has been winning races for such a long period? Well, compared to the other teams they have:

Better reliability

Mechanical problems with a Mercedes-Benz car or engine are very rare. The material seems extremely reliable. That is why the atmosphere in the team is quite relaxed and the drivers and mechanics really trust the material that never seems to fail.

What can we learn from this? Invest time and money in your equipment. Make sure you have the right tools. The reliable material that lets you finish your race.

Better strategy

Especially compared to Ferrari, Mercedes has been making the right choices in strategy. They seem to choose the right tyres and pick the right moments for their pitstops during the races. Ferrari, in turn, makes a lot of errors. Causing a lot of stress for the drivers and the mechanics.

What can we do with this knowledge? Be prepared for unexpected situations. Be smart, strategize and plan ahead, from the start to the actual finishline.

Better teamwork

The mechanics, drivers and strategists at Mercedes really work as a team. Where the mechanics, drivers and strategists at Ferrari often seem frustrated and compete with each other. This causes a lot of stress and loss of energy. Which causes them to make even more errors.

Work together with your family, colleagues or classmates as a team. Don’t waste energy constantly fighting or competing against each-other.

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