Use the power of your breath

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Breathing. We do it constantly without even noticing. That is a good thing. Because constantly noticing your breath may possibly drive you insane. However; our breath can be a very powerful tool too. A ‘power tool’ that we always have at our disposal. A tool I personally use a few times a day to help me relax or focus. And for those nerve wrecking moments I really need some extra relaxation.

For example: an hour ago I was walking the dog. For a short moment I stopped and admired the beautiful scenery. I focused on my breath and breathed in deeply. Then I held my breath for a few seconds and let it go. Making a ‘wooshing’ sound with my mouth. Not too loud obviously since I don’t want to scare any people that might be around. Thinking they may have run into Darth Vader or something.

I did that fives times or so and then continued my walk. Returning to my breath like this always really makes me relax. My heartrate drops significantly and I feel energized. Also, it makes me feel good having this kind of control over my body and mind.

For some extra focus and relaxation

You can do it for no particular reason at all but you can also use it at those moments you really need some extra focus and relaxation. For example I remember using it once before having an important job interview. I remember being seated at the reception and waiting to get picked up for the interview. For a moment I returned to my breath and breathed deeply for a few minutes. In through the nose, into my lower belly. And out through my mouth. Not making the ‘wooshing’ sound this time. Don’t have to explain why do I? That really calmed me down and gave me the positive energy I needed. My heartrate must have dropped from 100 to 75 or so. Coincidence or not: the interview went perfect and It got the job!

Breathing with colours

Another breathing technique I use is one where I visualise my breath having a fresh vibrant colour when I am breathing in. And having a darker, ‘dirty’ colour when I breathe out again. That is the technique I mostly use when I am starting my meditation. I visualise the bright (green, yellow or blue) colour flowing into my nostrils and down into my longues. Where I hold it for a few seconds. Watching it fly around and filling the entire space with the colour. That is the ‘purifying energy’ getting into my body. When I breathe out I visualise a darker, smudgier color leaving my mouth. That is the negative energy and stress leaving my body. Happy to lose that!

We all need some extra focus and relaxation sometimes. Breath already keeps us alive. Why not use it to help us during those moments we really need it. Make use of the tool of breath. Just try it and see what it does for you.

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