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A successful blog adds value to someone’s day. It has to magically click with the right audience at exactly the right moment. I believe that all bloggers are lucky. But some are more lucky than others. How come?

How do you write a successful blog? Why are some blogposts successful and others not? I always like to compare it to musicians writing a song. Why do some songs become a hit? And others a flop?

Gangnam Style

Why did Gangnam Style, a weird song from an unknown artist (at the time) about a posh neighborhood in Seoul become such a huge hit? Who would have expected it to become the very first song to receive one billion hits on YouTube (more than 3 billion by now…)?

Many beautiful songs don’t get heard and will probably fade away into nothingness

And why does nobody listen to those great songs from talented songwriters and bands? Many beautiful songs don’t get heard and will probably fade away into nothingness. Such a shame!

A successful blog has that magical click

Just like a song, a blogpost has to hit the right note with the right audience at the right moment. A successful blog has has to be relevant, interesting and easy to read. But it also needs that magical ‘click’ with an audience. And that has a lot to do with luck. I believe that all bloggers are lucky. But some are more lucky than others. How come?

Most of the blogs that people start fail. The bloggers give up because they lose interest. Often because they believe they don’t have enough readers.

Hit the right note

A successful blog needs to add value to someone’s day. The value can lie in inspiring somebody. Or in sharing exactly that one piece information that he or she was looking for. But the value can also lie in lifting a person’s spirits with a little bit of humour. It can even lie in making someone cry over a beautiful thing you wrote and the readers recognize.

To be able to do this you need writing skills. Some people have talent and some don’t. But even people without talent can write an excellent, successful blog. The trick is to just start writing and keep writing. Do you remember that rule that says that 1000 of practice makes an expert? The same goes for writing a blog. It can be learned.

Blogging is a social phenomenon

With the right audience

You need a sponsor. Just like a hit song that gets picked up by a DJ who likes it and starts playing it on the radio. It works similar with a blogpost. You have to connect with someone who likes you and what you stand for. A sponsor that takes interest in your writings and is willing to go the extra mile and share them with his or her audience. Blogging is a social phenomenon. When you find an audience, connect with it. Talk to them. Make some blogging friends for life.

At the right moment

Timing is crucial. You can find a lot of information on the Internet about the right time to post a blog. But with timing I don’t just mean the right time of day (or night). I mean you need to really feel the pulse of the Internet and your audience. What is trending at this very moment? A good place to start is Google Trends. Here you can see what the people are searching for on the web. When you write about one of these subjects you have a better chance that your blog will be read.

And just add some luck into the mix

Your blogpost has to be shared by the right people in the right networks. That all has to do with luck. First of all people have to see it. Then they have to read it and like or share it. Or not. It is important that your blog is able to be found by the search engines. Use Seositecheckup to see if your blog is SEO friendly and the search engines can easily pick it up. A SEO friendly blog can improve your luck.


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