PocketBook Touch HD 3 e-reader review

review after using it for two months

PocketBook Touch HD3
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A few months ago I bought a PocketBook Touch HD 3 e-reader. In this blog I give you the pros and cons after using the e-reader for two months.

Reading happens to be one of my hobbies. So is playing around with gadgets and technology. That is why I bought my first e-reader in 2015: a Kobo Aura. I loved it and read many books on it but still – about a year ago – I switched to reading books on my iPad Pro. And recently I picked up a PocketBook Touch HD 3.

The bigger (color) screen, speed and great software on the iPad convinced me to make the switch and start reading books on the tablet. I even bought one of those IKEA Bamboo iPad stands to be able to read more comfortably and protect my neck. An iPad can become quite heavy when you are relaxing and try to hold it like a book for a longer period of time.

Disadvantages of reading books on an iPad

After a while I discovered that there are many disadvantages of reading books on an iPad. First of all, the battery of the iPad drains very quickly. Second, the iPad itself is full of distractions. Sure, you can mute all notifications but it is just too easy to swipe away the Books app and start reading the news, e-mail or some website. You need a lot of willpower to stick to reading your book. And last but not least: the iPad has a great display but it is no e-paper display. That means your eyes do get tired quite quickly when you read books on an iPad.

I bought a PocketBook Touch HD 3 e-reader

That is why a few months ago I bought a PocketBook Touch HD 3 e-reader. I did some research and chose the PocketBook mainly because it has physical buttons for flipping the pages and because it supports all kinds of formats, just like the Kobo Aura did. It supports: PDF (Adobe DRM), EPUB (Adobe DRM), DjVu, FB2, FB2. zip, MOBI, DOCX, RTF, TXT, CHM, HTML (basic), CBZ, CBR and CBT.

The Pocketbook rekindled (pun intended) my reading habit. It is so easy to pick it up and continue reading where I left off. Even when I only have ten minutes of spare time. During the day I read in a chair or on the couch and at night I keep it on my bedside table so I can read before I go to bed and sometimes even when I just woke up.

To be honest I had to get used to the design of the e-reader. I chose the ‘copper’ color. But it has really grown on me. The back of the e-reader is a little but ‘rubbery’ to keep it from slipping out of your hands.

Until now I must have read about eight books on the PocketBook. What are the pros and cons of the PocketBook Touch HD 3 after using it for two months?

Pros of the PocketBook e-reader


The first thing I noticed when I picked up the e-reader is that it is very light. Much lighter than my old Kobo Aura and certainly lighter than the iPad Pro I was reading on at the time. It is also very easy to hold in one hand when you are reading.

Physical buttons

This is one of the main reasons I chose the PocketBook. I hate getting smudges and fingerprints on the screen. On any screen for that matter! So I want to touch my e-reader screen as little as possible. The physical buttons are small but work really well for me.

Smart lighting

The Kobo Aura was one of the first e-readers to have a backlight. I could switch it on and off with a physical switch at the top of the device. But it was no smart backlight that adjusted to the environment I was reading in. Sometimes it was too bright for me and sometimes too dim. The PocketBook backlight always adjusts perfectly to the environment you are reading in.

Battery life

When I bought the PocketBook I fully charged it. And then I just started reading…and reading… I read for a few hours every day for weeks at a time. After six weeks I decided to charge the battery again. Not because it was necessary but because I went on vacation and wanted it to be fully charged. The battery life is amazing!

Cons of the PocketBook e-reader


Unfortunately it is impossible to buy a good cover for the PocketBook Touch HD 3. There are many covers available but they get a lot of bad reviews online. Plastic parts seem to break off quite quickly. That is the reason I did not buy a cover. But I still need to protect the PocketBook so I keep it in an old…..washcloth. Which actually works pretty well. Even though it accidentally ended up in the laundry basket a few weeks ago! Thankfully I discovered it on time so it did not end up in the washing machine.


The PocketBook Touch HD 3 is fast enough but it is not lightning fast. I know: it is not fair to compare the speed of the PocketBook to the speed of an iPad Pro. But flipping a page or selecting a book does take a second on the PocketBook. So does loading images. It just takes a second or a few seconds to load an image on the e-paper screen.

I hope you enjoyed my review but most of all, I hope you make reading a habit too. Just enjoy reading books, whether it is a ‘classic’ paper book or a digital one!


  1. I own the same reader and love it! I couldn’t find a cover for it either (I didn’t like the design of the covers available, so I didn’t even check if the ones available are of good quality or not), so I simply bought a kindle cover that keeps the ereader in place with rubber bands on the corners. It works quite fine, even though the rubber band hides the on/off button a bit. I often just use 3 of 4 of the rubber bands for this reason and it works just fine. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it works and I really love the design I chose.

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