Start writing every day and leave a legacy

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Writing has many unexpected advantages. In this blog I will talk about the positive things that regular writing has brought into my life. Make a habit of writing something every day and leave a legacy.

Writing has always been one of my favorite things. I have been doing it since I was a little kid and I still love it. To communicate complex things to others I even prefer writing over speaking. For about 6 years now I have been writing quite often: almost every day. That is how I discovered that writing regularly has many advantages. In this blog I will show you some of the good things that regular writing has brought me.

You can just write for yourself, like in a diary or you can write with an audience in mind. All you need is a notebook, word-processor or a (free) blog on the internet. It’s up to you!

Leave a legacy

My grandfather also loved to write. He was very creative and wrote little pieces, kept journals and left us many photo albums with photo’s and his accompanying comments. He passed away more than 35 years ago but when I read any of his writings his voice still resonates in my head. I feel close to him and it almost feels like he is sitting next to me, reading to me. I would love to read to my: children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren like that. Even when I am not around anymore! Wouldn’t you? So put those words on paper, how insignificant they may seem, because they will become important to your offspring.

Writers read more

It’s true. People who write regularly tend to read a lot more than people who don’t write. We writers just appreciate good texts. We are always looking for extra information and inspiration for our own writings. Doing so we discover new things and expand our horizons.

Create a time machine

Time travel is possible! When you write a diary or a personal blog, you create your own time machine. I love to read some of my own old pieces and travel back right to those moments. I really feel like I am there again experiencing the very things I wrote about.

Train your focus

Writing regularly is a great way to train your focus. To be able to write you will need to make time – at least an half hour – to concentrate on your task and create something you are proud of. For me it has always been a really fun way to train my focus muscle.

Improve your communication skills

Practice makes perfect. When you write a lot, it will inevitably become better. You will find your own tone of voice and find out what works and what doesn’t. You will play around with words and sentences and come up with your own unique creations. Your audience will inspire and guide you along the way.

Help others

People that read your writings always pick up something from it. It could me a tip, some inspiration, criticism or maybe just a smile. When you write – especially with helping others in mind – and people read it, you will lift others up.

Empty your mind

When you have something on your mind, like a problem or some kind of complex subject, just sit down and try to write it down. You will find that doing so it will become easier to comprehend. Your mind will become calmer: almost like you transferred the problem from your head to a piece of paper. Making more sense and creating room in your head again.

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