The unexpected benefits of starting a blog

starting a blog
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One of the most fun ways to really train your ‘focus muscle’ is to start blogging. Because writing a blog requires you to stop and think. It forces you to take your time, sit down and write. You will need discipline and focus. Both of which you will develop. Besides that blogging has many other unexpected advantages!

For me personally, it really helps me to get my head around certain topics. On the other hand, my personal blog acts as a unique time machine for me and my family. I also really enjoy the interaction with my readers; people I would never have reached without my blogs. And – last but not least – blogging just makes me feel good! Enough reasons for starting a blog.

Five benefits of starting a blog

1. Let your voice be heard
When you start to blog regularly you will build an audience. Especially when you blog with ‘helping your readers’ in mind, you will see your audience grow. Talking to others in person makes your voice being heard. But blogging has the effect of multiplying that. Just imagine standing before an audience of hundreds of people and telling your story.

2. Form an opinion
When you start blogging about certain topics you need to sit down and gather information. You have to search, read and think about the topic. When the writing process starts you will build a story. Your version of the story in your own words. That helps you think things through and form your opinion.

3. Help others
You might not realize it but your stories may actually help others. That can vary from practical tips your audience picks up from your writings to inspiration they find in your story. Or maybe just from a smile (of recognition) they have on their face after reading your blog. Try to find and understand your audience. How can you help them? The only way to do that is to reach out. Doing that will make your blogs even better since they will become tailor made for your readers.

4. Become an expert
Blogging about your passion will slowly develop you into a selfmade expert on the specific subject you are blogging about. People will find you being an expert on a certain topic and ask for your advice. On the other hand you will learn a lot from the advice you will get from your readers.

5. Improve your writing skills
Writing regularly will obviously make you a better writer. You will find that the writing will get easier over time. Also, you will develop your own style. Find your voice. I bet that you will even start to like writing!

How to start

How to start? First find your passion. What is that subject you can’t stop talking about? Then start a new blog, for instance om WordPress. There you can claim a free blog. If you want to start out more professionally, you can find a provider and claim your own domain name. There you can upload a CMS (like WordPress) and build your blog site from scratch. You can use a free theme or buy one on The Envato Market. Then just start writing and sharing.

Happy blogging and good luck finding your voice!

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