Ten tips for beginner bloggers

ten tips for beginner bloggers
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As I wrote in one of my previous blogs: regular blogging is a great way to improve your skill to focus. I have been doing it for over 8 years now and I love the way the writing makes me focus. It really trains my ‘focus muscle’, almost on a daily basis. So, for all of you out there: there is really no excuse. Start blogging! In this blog I will give you ten tips for beginner bloggers.

The difference between a blog that appears online and something you write in your word processor is the simple fact that you will have readers. Readers that will follow you, hold you accountable, challenge you and give you energy. Over the years I have written some very bad blogs and many that were pretty good. But I loved writing them all. By blogging I really learned to find my ‘voice’ and find out what works and what doesn’t. I trust I now have enough experience to write down some tips for beginner bloggers.

In this blog I’ll share some of my knowledge and give you 10 tips on how to get – and keep – you going.

1. Don’t care about negativity

This is probably the most important point. Do not care about what the negative people – if any – might think, say or write. Be open to criticism but only if you can actually learn from it. Write with your positive readers in mind. The ones that give you energy.

2. Write evergreen content

Write stuff that stands the test of time. Share information that lasts. That way, people will come back to your blog throughout the years. It will stay relevant.

3. Write about something you love

When you write about something you love, people will notice. You will notice! Write about stuff you can’t stop talking about. Your enthusiasm will show in your text and people will like it.

4. Let it ripen

Let your text ripen. When you have written something, don’t put it online right away. Instead, put it aside for a little while. Then get back to it and read it again. You will probably make some very useful changes that make the text better or easier to read. Then put it online.

5. Make notes

During the day you will most likely see or hear things that will inspire you. Or maybe something brilliant will unexpectedly pop up in your mind. Make sure you write it down immediately – for instance in the notepad on your smartphone – so you can use it later in one of your blogs. A few seconds later you will most definitely have forgotten it. All that brilliance will be lost forever!

6. Get inspired

Read a lot of other blogs from people that inspire you. Talk to interesting people. Watch documentaries, read books and articles and get inspired! You will never be short on subjects for your blog.

7. Make it personal

Write about yourself. From your point of view. That’s what grabs people’s attention and keeps them interested. They will follow you and not your blog.

8. Mind the lay-out

Make your text easy to read. Be careful with the lettertype and cut the text up in chunks that are easy on the eyes and easy to digest.

9. Just write

Staring at that white screen for hours? Don’t! Just start typing and worry about the mistakes, order of things and layout later. Just get what is on your mind onto that white screen first. You will probably delete half of what you have written but that is no problem.

10. Write with helping others in mind

Like I mentioned in the first point: always write with your (positive) readers in mind. How can you help them? What do they need? Always have the intention to help them with your blog. That is one of the reasons I wrote this post with tips for beginner bloggers.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips for beginner bloggers. Happy blogging!

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